OZO Clean

About OZO Clean

OZO Clean is a leading corporate and commercial cleaning company in South Africa. Our friendly and professionally trained team takes great pride and care to ensure your corporate, commercial or retail space is left spick and span, with the highest level of satisfaction.

Cleaning Services

OZO Clean offers a wide range of cleaning services for our clients. We understand that your cleaning requirements are as unique as your business. This is why we are positioned to deliver tailored cleaning service packages to suit your needs and budget.

  • Window cleaning
  • Emergency callouts
  • Deep cleaning
  • Basement cleaning
  • Post construction cleaning
  • Mankini upholstery cleaning
  • Events pre-maintenance cleaning
  • Events post-maintenance cleaning
  • Rotowash carpet cleaning and floor surfaces



Due to the threat of COVID-19 virus infection, social distance and minimizing contact with surfaces in public places have become the norm in the last couple of years. Thus, contactlessness is becoming a priority for many areas of business, retail, transport, and logistics. Cleaning around the world is also changing. In addition to increasing the number of cleanings and disinfection, as well as toughening the rules and regulations for cleaning.


When considering cleaning procedures high touchpoints, from door handles to elevator buttons, handrails, shelving and shop counters, amongst others, should be regularly cleaned and sanitised. Widely acknowledged to be the most effective ways to stop the spread of infection, addressing these has become increasingly important during the COVID-19 pandemic.


We offer contactless cleaning teams that attend to your business needs after hours while no one is there. This ensures no interference and high performance cleaning while attending to your business spaces.


  • To minimize Customer Interference
  • Minimum Tenant Interference
  • Minimize Ad Hoc Cleaning expenses
  • Maximize ROI



To ensure the health and safety of staff and customers, maintaining optimal levels of hygiene is a non-negotiable for corporate, commercial and retail businesses.

When it comes to our clients’ hygiene, only the golden standard will do. Highgenics provides high quality and hassle-free hygiene and washroom rental equipment and related services that are effective and efficient to a wide spectrum of businesses throughout South Africa.

Hygiene Services

We tailor our hygiene services and equipment to meet your budget and needs.

  • Cubicle area
  • Hand sanitising
  • Handwashing solutions
  • Sanitary hygiene bins
  • Paper dispensers
  • Air care
  • Dust control
  • Consumables

Our Clients

Highgenics has had the privilege of working with a wide range of respectable clients over the years.